AI Station 404 AI Station 404 is the second map of the game, unlocked at Level 23.


This AI station is built on the surface of an asteroid of solid Solar.

These kind of asteroids are quite rare and it's no surprise the robots quickly tried to conquer it after discovery.

The space station is now one of the most high tech weapon facilities in the galaxy. Flagship of the facility is the cromium gravitor device which manipulates gravity for experimental research.

Drop pod path

Drop pod path (AI Station 404)

Drop pod path (AI Station 404)

Anti Gravity Field

There is a large anti-gravity field in the middle of AI Station 404. Any 'Nauts that enter it will become lighter, allowing them to jump higher. Certain projectiles, such as Cats, will also be affected.

Critter Area

Droid Creep
The upper middle of the map has four Neutral Creeps roaming around it. Killing them will drop a small Healthpack that restores 30 Health, and 3 Solar.

Droid Releaser

Creep Releaser

Each team has a Droid Releaser right next to the top Turret. Stepping on it will spawn Humming Droids, up to a maximum of 3. These are the only Droids that attack the inner bottom Turret. Humming Droids are restocked every 10 seconds from destruction. It's impossible to activate the enemy team's droid releaser.



  • Raelynn was ambushed, captured and put to cryo-stasis for decades during a mission in AI Station 404.
  • The name of the map may be a reference to 404, a HTTP standard response code indicating that the client was able to communicate with the server, but the server could not find what was requested.