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Welcome to the Awesomenauts Wiki

The wiki about Awesomenauts, a game developed by Ronimo Games.

The year is 3587, conflict spans the stars. Huge robot armies are locked in an enduring stalemate. At the center is a team of elite mercenaries fighting for the spoils of war: The Awesomenauts. Featuring a unique combination of classic, 2D platforming action and the high-paced excitement of MOBA-gameplay (Multiplayer online battle arena)

Pitting teams of three against one another, Awesomenauts will thrust players into the shoes of genetically re-engineered cowboys, alien frog-rappers, crazed Russian labmonkeys, and many more unique characters. Battling out an eternal struggle in a team-oriented, objective-focused manner, Awesomenauts promises players countless hours of gameplay that will be sure to satisfy hardcore gamers and more casual-oriented players alike.

Latest Activity

  • edit Player Level
    edited by Azraeru diff
    Summary: Added Upgrades from Level 133 - 144
  • discussion page Prestige
    created by Killer1810


    They really need to add some sort of casual mod without rating. 



    Well... Loosing all your lvled abils makes you a hell weaker. For exemple, i pref swiggins, and to get nice "octant" upgrade for his hook i w... 

  • discussion page Talk:Loadout
    new comment by Toasten
    Comment: Has this been taken out of the game or do you need a certain level to reach it?
  • edit Player Level
    edited by Azraeru diff
    Summary: - Updated the Maximum Player Level from 133 to 144
  • discussion page Talk:Prestige
    new comment by Gricez
    Comment: The only reason to get a prestige, is to conquier some ladys
  • discussion page Talk:Ayla
    new comment by Eveadelekitty
    Comment: Well, probably. They're both insane little girls, one with superpowers and one who makes bombs.
  • discussion page Talk:Genji the Pollen Prophet
    new comment by Eveadelekitty
    Comment: If you join the PC MASTER RACE you'll understand why Steam is the better platform and why you don't have as many 'nauts.
  • discussion page Talk:Angry Drawings
    new comment by Maoman
    Comment: How the hell do you edit this template? When I click edit, all I get is this  If anyone comes along who can edit this,...
  • discussion page Talk:Skølldir
    new comment by GhostofStars
    Comment: Simon of the Yogscast does his voice.
  • discussion page Advertising your fork
    comment by Sannse


    I'm sorry, it's not okay to use this wikia to advertise your alternative site.  That means you cannot add notices to articles, or leave lmessa... 

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