UI Skillbutton Summoner Attack Healing Wave [edit]
Heal 7
Heal Duration 10s
Attack Speed 75
Range 2.4

Upgrade Voltar Happy Thoughts Happy Thoughts [edit] Item 5 solar 200

Increases healing power of healing wave.

Upgrade Lv1 Lv2 Lv3
Heal +2 +4 +6

Upgrade Voltar Psychokinetic repulsion Psychokinetic Repulsion [edit] Item 5 solar 135

Adds a knockback effect to healing wave.

Upgrade Lv1
Knockback +0.4

Upgrade Voltar Psychothrust Psychothrust [edit] Item 5 solar 180

Increases range of healing wave.

Upgrade Lv1 Lv2
Range +1.2 +2.4

Upgrade Voltar Dreams of greed Dreams of Greed [edit] Item 5 solar 205

Gain more Solar for healing with healing wave.

Upgrade Lv1
Solar/Heal +5%

Upgrade Voltar Twisted nightmares Twisted Nightmares [edit] Item 5 solar 270

Invert healing wave into a damage shot. No solar gain

Upgrade Lv1
Convert To Damage Yes
Attack Speed +25

Upgrade Voltar Euphoric Thoughts Euphoric Thoughts [edit] Item 5 solar 380

Increases healing power of your healing wave.

Upgrade Lv1
Heal +4

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