UI Skillbutton Cowboy Grenade
Dynamite Throw [edit] UI Skillbutton Cowboy Grenade
Item 5 solar 135
Damage 20
Cooldown 6s
Amount 2
Explosion Size 3.2
Time 0.7s
Skill Lonestar An extra stick! Skill Lonestar Mister TNT Skill Lonestar Dark matter flashbang Skill Lonestar Rubber sleeve Skill Lonestar Transfusion grenades Shop Icons Cowboy Grenade Mine
UI Skillbutton Cowboy Bull
Summon Hyper Bull [edit] UI Skillbutton Cowboy Bull
Item 5 solar 135
Cooldown 8s
Speed 8
Health 40
Attack Speed 428.6
Knockback 1.2
Skill Lonestar Super breed 2.0 Skill Lonestar Cattle rebooter Skill Lonestar Ribbit snail slime Skill Lonestar Bull charger Skill Lonestar Techno viking helmet Skill Lonestar Mature Ribbit snail slime
UI Skillbutton Cowboy Attack
Blaster [edit] UI Skillbutton Cowboy Attack
Damage 5
Attack Speed 166.7
Range 7.2
Skill Lonestar Eagle bullets Skill Lonestar Cheetah bullets Skill Lonestar Missile Skill Lonestar Crystal eagle bullets Skill Lonestar Booming bullets Skill Lonestar Another Missile
Upgrade Power pills turbo Upgrade Med-i'-can Upgrade Lonestar Rocket boots Upgrade Solar tree Upgrade Piggy bank Upgrade Power pills

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