Stun, an example of crowd control.

Crowd control are effects present in certain abilities and upgrades that hamper the target's ability to control the character in some way. There are multiple kinds of crowd control effects in the game.

Some abilities and upgrades are also able to reduce or deny the effects of crowd control, reducing their duration or preventing them altogether.

Crowd control effects


Hides a large portion of the screen and makes enemy awesomenauts invisible on the mini-map for affected players. Causes Sawblade/Humming Droids to become immobile and unable to attack.

Available to: Admiral Swiggins, Coco, Lonestar, Raelynn, Vinnie & Spike, Voltar.


Moves target a set distance away from its current position.

Available to: Admiral Swiggins, Leon.

Drop Anchor

Restricts target movement to an area around the point of impact. Unaffected by crowd control reduction.

Available to: Admiral Swiggins.


Traps target in a Cocoon, making it impossible for it to move or attack. Targets under the effect of Cocoon are immune to all forms of external damage until released. Unaffected by crowd control reduction or immunity.

Available to: Genji.


Prevents target movement for the duration.

Available to: Clunk, Derpl, Skølldir.


Displaces targets, knocking them away from the area of effect.

Available to: Coco, Derpl, Lonestar, Raelynn, Skølldir, Voltar.


Reduces target movement speed and jump height for the duration.

Available to: Ayla, Clunk, Coco, Genji, Gnaw, Leon, Lonestar, Skølldir, Yuri.


Prevents the use of abilities by target for the duration. Autoattacks are unaffected.

Available to: Derpl, Leon, Vinnie & Spike.


Prevents target movement, use of abilities and autoattacks.

Available to: Admiral Swiggins, Froggy G, Skølldir, Voltar.

Time Modifier

Alters the flow of time within the targeted area, slowing everything inside. Unaffected by crowd control reduction or immunity.

Available to: Raelynn, Yuri.

Crowd control reduction and immunities






Vinnie & Spike


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