This build is for those moments where your opponent thinks you're useless but then you strike back.  Also you can use this build to stop enemies from escaping and helping your team secure kills. Lastly this build helps you solo push with an army of flying droids.

Recommended Loadout

Cocoon: Butterfly Nebula Dust, The Last Pieridae Transformae, Jagra Eggs

Monarch Blessing: Hidden Leaves, The Cat Pillar, Kremzon Calender

Butterfly Shot: Storm Drum, Plastic Praying Beads, Glow Bracelets

Flutter Jump: Power Pills, Piggy Bank, Solar Tree

Purchase Order

Power Pills, Piggy Bank, Solar Tree, x1 Storm Drum, COCOON, x1 Plastic Praying Beads, The Last Pieridae Transformae, x2 Plastic Praying Beads, x3 Storm Drum, x2 Butterfly Nebula Dust, x2 Glowing Bracelets, MONARCH BLESSING, x2 Jagra Eggs, x2 Kremzon Calender, x1 The Cat Pillar, x2 Hidden Leaves, x3 The Cat Pllar,

Play Style and Tips

Start out with telling your team what your trying to do.  Start harassing the enemy team and if someone gets low on health cocoon them, then try to hit storm drum when cocoon is almost over. Continue doing this to the enemy team until you can max out Butterfly Shot's damage. After this try to max out cocoon and get a droid army.  Only use Monarch Blessing when you're half health, or a little bit over half health (you'll thank me later).

--Fallen Angel0102 (talk) 00:09, March 5, 2013 (UTC)FallenAngel0102

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