This is a very good tactic when getting away from foes also if you want to damage the enemy turret

Recommended Loadout

Tongue stretcher, Steel false teeth, Magnet piercing, basic AI chip, extra battery pack, aggressive AI chip or Blow up Doll, Clover of honour, Backstab blade, Electrifier,Solar tree, Piggy bank, Power pills light (free)

Purchase Order

Power pills light (free) -> Piggy bank-> solar tree -> Stealth -> Aggressive AI chip -> Basic AI chip -> Extra Battery Pack -> magnet piercing -> tongue stretcher -> Back stab blade x2 -> Steel false teeth x2 -> clover of honour x2 -> Electrifier x2

Play Style and Tips

Go near turrets not close enough to shoot you then go into stealth mode and you dummy will help destroy the turrent. Helpful buddy

-- 21:54, April 3, 2013 (UTC)

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