The loading screen is displayed while waiting for other users to choose their load outs and while the game is loading. The loading screen changes every time a 'naut is added, by adding that 'naut to the background. Also displayed at the bottom of the screen are game tips which give advice and facts you might not know about the game.

Game Tips

  • Try to last-hit your targets, so you receive Solar directly.
  • Your Awesomenaut gains a level every 100 Solar.
  • Solar is an intersellar currency, silver cubes (1 solar) gold cubes (5 solar).
  • When you see an enemy Clunk getting ready to explode, you should run!
  • Use jumppads to travel faster.
  • Killing enemy Awesomenauts will reward you with 60 solar. Teammates recieve 30 solar.
  • Winning a game session will increase your Solar reward.
  • Invite your friends, team up, and gain an extra Solar bonus.

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