An Awesomenaut's movement speed stat determines how fast the Awesomenaut moves. Space Air Max can be purchased to increase the Awesomenaut's movement speed. Some abilities also increase movement speed for a short period of time.

Awesomenaut Speed Boots Abilities/Upgrades
Admiral Swiggins6.8 +1.6 +1.2 Bovinian Skimmed Milk
Ayla7 +1.6 +1.6 Blue Three-Wheeler
Clunk7.2 +1.6 --
Froggy G8 +1.6 +8 Turbo Tape
Yuri7.8 +1.6 +25% Flash Forward
Sheriff Lonestar7 +1.2 --
Voltar the Omniscient7.2 +1.6 --
Leon Chameleon7.4 +1.6 --
Derpl Zork6.8 +1.6 --
Coco Nebulon9 +1.6 +6 Silver Coating
Gnaw7.4 +1.6 +3 Rabbit Teeth
Skølldir7 +1.2 +3.2 After throw
Raelynn7 +1.2 +? Out of Combat
Vinnie & Spike6.4 +1.6 +80% Withered President Mask
Genji the Pollen Prophet8 +1.6 +30% Gettin' Out of Da Hood

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