Foxy 'naut early sketch ideas.

Penny Fox is the 4th upcoming 'naut for the incoming Awesomenauts: Starstorm Expansion as the $290,000 stretch goal of Ronimo Games' kickstarter project. This goal has been reached and the 'naut is under development.

Not much is known about this character as it is in a very early stage of design, but a few bits of information were shared by Ronimo Games staff members.


  • Ronimo Games members are working with the idea of a combo system for this character. Taken from the kickstarter page: "Blast enemies to rack up Combo Points that can then be used to empower your abilities! You have to decide on which skill to empower though, because your racked-up points will be reset once you've used 'em."
  • Penny Fox is confirmed to be a female character (and as such has been nicknamed "Foxy Lady" by community members).
  • Ronimo expressed interest in wanting Youtube commentator Dodger Leigh to voice "Foxy Lady". This was confirmed on the Ted McPain livestream.
  • According to the Starstorm Roadmap, this 'naut is set to be released after Sentry X-58, but before Skree, with the estimated release date set at Q2, 2014.
    • Contrary to the Starstorm Roadmap, the Ted McPain livestream revealed that Foxy 'naut is scheduled to be released after Ted McPain and not after Sentry as originally intended.

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