This is a great end game you just can't kill this lonestar

Recommended Loadout

Dynamite throw: An extra stick, Rubber sleeve, Dark matter flashbang

Summon hyper bull: Bull charger, Techno Viking helmet, mature ribbit snail slime (can use ribbit snail slime instead)

Blaster: Missile, Booming bullets, Another missile

Sheriff lonestar abilitys: Med-I-can, Rocket boots, Piggy bank

Purchase Order

Piggy bank, Med-I-can1/2. Dynamite throw, Summon hyper bull, Med-I-can 2/2, Rocket boots, Rubber sleeve, Darkmatter flashbang, Techno Viking helmet 1/2, Bull charger, Techno Viking helmet 2/2, An extra stick, Mature ribbit snail slime (ribbit snail slime 2/3), Booming bullets, (Ribbit snail slime 3/3), Missle, Another missile.

Play Style and Tips

Use dynamite throw and summon hyper bull as much as possible effective against turrets and getting rid of the enemy team if they are pushing your base/ turret

-- 01:30, June 30, 2013 (UTC)

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