A Froggy G, after using Splash Dash.

Shields are an Awesomenauts mechanic. There are different kinds of shields in the game, but they all involve some sort of protection.

Shield Types

Crowd-Control Immunity Shields

These shields deny all crowd-control effects, such as blind or stuns on your 'naut with the exception of time modifiers and Cocoon.

Derpl Zork


Vinnie & Spike


Percent Damage Reduction Shields

These shields will reduce a percentage of the damage taken by your 'naut.


Admiral Swiggins


Derpl Zork

Froggy G


Flat Damage Reduction Shields

These shields will reduce a flat amount of damage taken by your 'naut.


Health Shieds

These shields protect your 'naut from damage by generating a temporary extra layer of health. Dealing enough damage will destroy the shield.


  • Snipe (Iron Rifle) Also a Crowd-Control Immunity Shield

Invincibility Shields

These shields will negate any and all forms of direct damage to your 'naut. Crowd control and damage over time effects will still be applied, however.

Froggy G

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