I just tried this out over the last couple of days and this build is insane :D

Recommended Loadout

Mighty throw: Power Briefs, Homeless gnome, Oily Spray on Bronze                                                      Earthquake: Stone Twins, Enhanced Muscle Fibers, Small Volcano                                                                      Bash: Flaming fists, Rubber Ducky Choker, Pale Mead Buffs: Power Pills Turbo, Piggy Bank, Med'i'can

Purchase Order

Piggy Bank, Rubber Ducky Choker, Flaming Fists, (any time you want you can get medican and power pills turbo), Pale Mead, Oily spray on Bronze, Power Briefs, Homeless Gnome, and then upgrade earthquake any way you want.

Play Style and Tips

After you have bought your first upgrades, you need to get in the opponents face. If they turn to run and are getting away from you, having that extra range will really help you out. The big problem is a clunk. You need to stun it from afar, run in and throw it. If you have the oily bronze upgrade, you will become extremely fast and be able to dispacth anyone quickly.

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