Twister Tweeters is an upgrade for Froggy G's Tornado Move, unlocked at Level 38.


At the end of the Tornado Move, an Area of Effect explosion occurs that deals 20/40 damage. The effect activates even if the tornado is interrupted before finishing.

Tips & Tactics

  • This upgrade works well with Turbo Tape, since it makes it easier to land the explosion.
    • Furthermore, with both stages of Turbo Tape, this upgrade can be used as a good initiation tool against most characters due to your high speed.
  • Since the explosion has AoE, the target can take damage at a longer range than base tornado.
  • Staying close to enemy Awesomenauts that can prematurely end your Tornado (such Genji) is a good tactic, as they will take full damage from close-range interruptions.


  • With the Grandmaster Splash skin, the visual effect of the explosion is changed to a water ring.

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