UI Skillbutton Summoner Drone
Suicide Drones [edit] UI Skillbutton Summoner Drone
Item 5 solar 135
Cooldown 0s
Amount 3
Damage 4
Explosion damage 12
Attack Speed 48
Upgrade Voltar Drone army Upgrade Voltar Force fields Upgrade Voltar Weapon clip-on Upgrade Voltar Hyper drive Upgrade Voltar Weaponised hull Upgrade Voltar Warpgate overdrive
UI Skillbutton Summoner Healtotem
Healbot [edit] UI Skillbutton Summoner Healtotem
Item 5 solar 135
Heal 4
Attack Speed 100
Cooldown 14s
Time 6s
Health 60
Range 8
Upgrade Voltar Energy drink Upgrade Voltar Overheal potion Upgrade Voltar Turret add-on Upgrade Voltar Hydraulic sugar dispenser Upgrade Voltar Cortex tank Upgrade Voltar Healthpack surprise
UI Skillbutton Summoner Attack
Healing Wave [edit] UI Skillbutton Summoner Attack
Heal 2
Max Heal 9
Heal Duration 10s
Attack Speed 75
Range 4.8
Upgrade Voltar Happy Thoughts Upgrade Voltar Psychokinetic repulsion Upgrade Voltar Psychothrust Upgrade Voltar Dreams of greed Upgrade Voltar Twisted nightmares Upgrade Voltar Euphoric Thoughts
Upgrade Power pills turbo Upgrade Med-i'-can Upgrade Space air max Upgrade Solar tree Shop Icons Overall BirdSolarHealth Shop Icons Overall ccReduction

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